Dear value customers,

Since the early 1990s we have made it our personal quest to develop a suitable living environment in the heavily urbanized city of Jakarta Metropolitan. Much of our time was spent discussing, designing, and analyzing what we envisioned could be a good concept for both the family and working life in Jakarta for the coming decades. We conducted environment marketing reviews with property owners and discovered that safety, security, and healthy environment are their three main concerns.

We decided to take these issues as the guiding principles in our further endeavor to develop our property. We started collaborating with both local and international experts to develop ALAM SUTERA project. We made it our mission to come up with a sound an sustainable residential community development plan.

If we look at what the cluster system that has been implemented by almost every property developer nowadays, actually Alam Sutera were the first to introduce the Cluster system in Indonesia. Cluster system is the development of houses within an enclave or gated areas, which believed it will provide enhanced safety and at the same time promote better neighborhood relations among the occupants. The results, our residents have little or no experience with intrusion of unwanted outsiders. They also display better cohesion among themselves and suddenly, communal life similar to small villages in Indonesia becoming more and more a reality in Alam Sutera. At Alam Sutera we also promote better environmental responsibilities. Together with our property owners, we are learning new ways to improve our development and making it more attractive for both residential and commercial activities.

We understand that the fundamental nature of life is balance. Therefore, our development concept strives to find a balanced life between our work and family, between traditional ideals and modern convenience between big city life style and small town folk life. We learned that living in harmony with nature and maintaining a clean and healthy environment can be very rewarding. Therefore, our infrastructures are designed and built in harmony with nature by respecting the characteristic of the landscape.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hope you’ll find that balance in our “nature”.

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